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We are happy to introduce you to the new feature “Instant Booking Confirmation” included in the product “Click & Book”, as part of the CMA CGM eSolutions project.

CMA CGM innovates to offer you a complete package of online solutions that will improve your web experience.

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Product Description

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What is the purpose of «Instant Booking Confirmation»?

“Instant Booking Confirmation” will facilitate your booking process. Your booking will get confirmed instantly at time of submission on our website.

How would I know that my booking has been confirmed?

If your booking is eligible for an “Instant Booking Confirmation”, when you submit your booking you will receive a message “Booking confirmed” instead of “Successfully booked”.

Product Scope

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Who can use « Instant Booking Confirmation »?

“Instant Booking Confirmation” is in a pilot phase. Only Customers from CMA CGM Holland Agency can get an Instant Booking confirmation.

Are all bookings eligible for instant confirmation?

Due to few internal system changes still in progress our pilot phase is limited to a certain scope. For your booking to be eligible for Instant Booking you need to meet the following criteria:

- Your Booking is placed via our NEW feature “Click & Book”. Within a few clicks, the Booking is instantly confirmed;
- Your Booking shall be made at least 2 weeks prior to the vessel’s departure;
- Vessel is not fully booked on the selected routing;
- Your booking is managed by CMA CGM Holland agency;

Detailed Process

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How does «Instant Booking Confirmation» work?

To confirm your booking in our system, we check two elements:

- Customer allocation – depending on trades, quantity of regular shipments etc. our offer varies, we need to make sure that we can cover your full booking
- Vessel allocation – whether vessel is not fully booked on the selected routing.
Also, we have set a target of 2 weeks before departure to ensure:
- Equipment availability – necessary containers will be put at your disposal

Once all these elements provide a green light, your booking will get confirmed instantly.

Please note that your PDF booking confirmation will be provided directly on your personal space as you usually do.

If my booking gets confirmed with “Instant Booking Confirmation” are modifications still possible?

Yes, you will be able to modify your shipment, but agency will have to check your new requirements.
Also, as mentioned before we are still in the pilot phase, therefore, please be aware that some modifications or request of additional information may occur. However, it can happen only exceptionally, and we will follow up closely every case to make sure to fix it in the future.