eLOIs Plate

Dear Customer,

In the current worldwide situation, digital solutions are a way to ensure we continue to provide customers with the best tools to simplify or enable their business with our Group.

As such, we have accelerated the development and deployment of the eSignature* for Letters of Instructions/Indemnity (eLOIs).

These eLOIs are available worldwide and for all CMA CGM carrier on the web platform and are accessible for all connected customers via the shipment dashboard.

Main benefits:

  • Instant processing
  • No waiting: delays, fax, mail etc.
  • Accessed anywhere on any device
  • Pre-filled, simple and easy to send
  • Encourage the “green = paperless” initiative
  • No need to present a power of attorney, notarization and company logo

Currently, 9 eLOIs are available on the web platform:

  1. Express (Telex) Release
  2. Print BL at destination (Appendix A and B)
  3. Non endorsed bills
  4. Amending BL
  5. Part load BL
  6. Consignee release confirmation special COVID19 (online temporarily)
  7. Shipper release confirmation special COVID19 (online temporarily)
  8. Express (Telex) Release special COVID19 (online temporarily)
  9. Delay in Transit

*Online signatures have the same legal value as physical signatures.

In case of queries, please contact

Kindest Regards,