• Nautical Mile

    The nautical mile (symbol M, NM or nmi) is a unit of length that is approximately one minute of arc measured along any meridian. By international agreement it has been set at 1,852 metres exactly (about 6,076 feet).

  • Net Tare weight

    Weight of an empty container.

  • Net Ton (NT)

    1 Net Ton = 907.185 kgs.

  • Net Tonnage

    A Vessel's gross tonnage minus deductions of space occupied by accommodations for crew, by machinery, for navigation, by the engine room and fuel. A Vessel's net tonnage expresses the space available for carrying capacity.

  • Net Weight

    Weight of the product unpacked, exclusive of any containers.

  • Nominal TEU Capacity

    The maximal geometric capacity, expressed in 20 Feet Equivalent Units (TEU). It is the contractual capacity agreed upon in charter contracts, or the TEU capacity shown by owner-operators

  • Non-Negotiable Bill of Lading

    "Bill of Lading cannot be endorsed for the transfer of title on the goods. This is not a document of title".

  • Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)

    A cargo consolidator in ocean trades that will buy space from a carrier and re-sell it to shippers. The NVOCC issues Bills of Lading, publishes tariffs and otherwise conducts itself as an ocean common carrier, except that it will not provide the actual ocean or intermodal service.

  • Note protest

    1. A legal means of proving presentation and default of a negotiable instrument, as well as providing notice to interested parties that the instrument was not paid. 2. A declaration made by the master of a ship before a Notary Public in the United States and Great Britain or a Tribunal of Commerce on the European Continent, or before the Consul of the country from which the ship hails if in a foreign port, on arrival in port, when, through stress of weather, it has not been practicable to adopt ordinary precaution in the matter of ventilation for perishable cargoes; when the condition of the cargo or any part thereof at the time of shipment is such as to lead to the belief that damage or some further damage has occurred during the voyage; when any serious breach of a charter party by the charterer in a foreign port happens; when a ship experiences bad weather while at sea and when the master has reason to believe that the cargo is damaged or part of the deck load lost overboard. Copies of the protest are frequently demanded underwriter in the event of a claim. Protest are received as evidence in tribunal on the Continent but they cannot be made use of as evidence in Courts of Law in the United Kingdom in favour of the party making the protest except by the consent of both parties concerned.

  • Notice of Arrival

    A notice from the delivering carrier to the notify party indicating the shipment's arrival date at the destination.

  • Notify Party

    The name of a company or individual that should be notified when a shipment reaches its destination.

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