• War Risk Surcharge (WRS)

    Charge in case of risks of war in a zone where the ship crosses or calls. Please click here for more information.

  • Warehouse

    A place for the reception, delivery, consolidation, distribution, and storage of goods/cargo.

  • Waybill

    A type of Bill of Lading used for port-to-port or combined transport carriage. A "Waybill" is identical to a negotiable Bill of Lading except that it is not a document of title. In the US, a"waybill" is deemed the equivalent of a straight consigned B/L.

  • Wharf

    A structure built away from land and extending some distance over water, used for landing, loading and unloading ships. Also known as a pier or a quay

  • Wharfage

    A port charge to a ship for use of a quay.

  • World Shipping Council

    The World Shipping Council's goal is to provide a coordinated voice for the liner shipping industry in its work with policy makers and other industry groups with an interest in international transportation.

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