Import Procedures from Kenya

Import Procedures Import Procedure

Import Processes: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What do I do to release my delivery order?

You will need to submit 3/3 original BL received from the shipper fully endorsed (stamped at the back) by consignee and the consignee’s agent. Pay the shipping line charges issued by import staff at our front desks.

2. Who can endorse my B/L?

BLs should be endorsed by consignee and Forwarder. If you are a ‘To order of Bank’ customer, you will need the Bank’s stamp on the back of the ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING stating that you are the customer of this ORIGINAL BILL OF LADING (bank endorsement)

3. What is a Container Guarantee form and how can I obtain one?

Container guarantee form is a document issued by the shipping line to clients to commit themselves against any liability that may occur to the container. It is obtained from the shipping line sent as a soft copy.

4. What do I do if I realize the container containing my cargo is in damaged condition?

Report the same to the shipping line for a joint survey. If you do not notify the shipping line, it is deemed that the container is in good condition and you will be liable for all repair charges to be incurred.

5. What are the types of amendments that are allowed on a Manifest?

For any amendment to be effected, you will need to present atleast one original B/L and a Letter of Indemnity on official letterhead. Only below amendments can be effected by consignee

• CFS nomination- request this directly to KRA, not through shipping line.

• Delivery status

6. What are the types of amendments that are not allowed?

As a consignee, you cannot request for amendment of below details:

• Shipper/consignee/notify party

• Change of Port of Loading or Port of discharge

• Gross Weight/Number of packages and descriptions/ types of packages

• Container number/ Bl number/seal number

All these amendments should be initiated by shipper through our port of loading office.

7. What do I do if my Original B/L's are lost?

Notify the shipping line immediately. We have a lost OBL procedure lodged via ZEN desk to HO.

8. How do I get my cargo arrival notice?

You will receive an arrival notice sent by our imports back office team. You will also receive a Manifest number which you can use during declaration with KRA customs department

9. How can I track my cargo status?

Please log on to under container tracking tab where you can receive updates on the status of your cargo.

10. When can I receive an invoice for import charges?

Auto freighting is done by our imports back office 2 days prior to vessel arrival, hence you can get your proforma invoice then.

11. Why do I need to pay container deposit?

The deposit acts as container security in case the container is lost, damaged or exceeds the free number of days stipulated on the guarantee form.

12. How do I know the demurrage amount if container is not returned yet?

Check out the D&D tariff on website for a guide on our various tariffs for various destinations. Additionally, please email our D&D desk who will forward an invoice for any D&D due.

13. What is the procedure for returning a container?

Containers are returned to our depot against a valid guarantee form and a copy of the Delivery Order.

On the Container guarantee form issued, the nominated depot where you are to return your container is indicated. If the validity of the container guarantee is expired, please contact our D&D desk, pay the charges and get a validity extension. Depot will not gate in a container against an expired guarantee form.

14. If I am not in agreement with the charges, how can I dispute my invoice?

Write an email to the concerned party – the issuer of the invoice is normally indicated on the face of the invoice. Alternatively, present the hard copies to our front desk for assistance.