Export Information Guide


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CMA CGM St. Lucia Export Information Guide will assist you in understanding our exportation procedures and requirements to ensure your cargo is shipment in a timely and secure manner.

  • Our reliable MailSales team will help secure the best available quotation and service contract when placing an export booking.
  • Vessel schedule and rotation will assist you in identifying the best dates to move your shipment to your destination.
  • Be mindful of our special cargo requirements for HAZ MAT, Shipper Own Tanks, Scrap Metal and Reefers.
  • We encourage Shippers/Exporters to register on our eBusiness platform, where making bookings, submitting shipping instructions [SI] and VGM becomes a breeze.


SOLAS and VGM - The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has amended the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) convention. Effective as from the 1st of July 2016, the regulation stipulates to declare the VGM for each container

For more information please visit our dedicated page detailing about New SOLAS Regulations: SOLAS – VGM Management at CMA CGM Group

Cut-off Date/Time:

  • Please note below documentation and unit on port cut off time:
  • Bookings and shipping instructions must be submitted - 48 hours prior vessel
  • In gate units – 24 hours prior vessel arrival.
  • Customs shipping bills duly signed and stamped – 24 hours prior vessel arrival
  • Payment of freight invoices prior to vessel departure.

Export Information Guide