Import Information Guide

Import Information Guide

CMA CGM St Lucia: With you all the way while providing tailor-made solutions for your shipments.

Dear valued customers with the interest of ensuring you received the best experience when doing business with us at Cma Cgm St. Lucia, please see below information guide:

Import Information guide.

• Tracking your cargo is very important, this it can be done via our website using either the container, bill of lading or booking number.

• An arrival notice is sent 48hrs prior vessel arrival indicating vessel name, arrival date, charges etc. CMA CGM Digital Services allows you to manage your shipment(s) anywhere in the world we encourage you to register via eCommerce platform .

• Releasing of your cargo is a breeze with either the presentation of the original bill of lading, waybill or telex release.

• At Cma Cgm St. Lucia we have a No Cash policy, with safer payment methods which include: wire transfers, certified cheques and/or direct deposits (ACH). If any doubt or questions please Mailcontact any one of our representatives who would be willing to assist.

• Once your cargo is released you can then proceed to St Lucia Customs Department and St Lucia Port Authority (SLASPA) for delivery of your goods.

Lost OBL Procedure

For cases where the original bill of lading is lost the below documents are required:

• Bank guarantee.

• Circumstances of loss original bill of lading on company’s letterhead.

• Packing list and invoice.

• Shipper’s Authorization letter [signed by management accepting liability for shipment]

• Letter of Indemnity (LOI) lost direct delivery to be signed by consignee [signed by management accepting liability for shipment].


Changes to documents after vessel arrival are permitted for the below:

• Registering of the inbound manifest must be done 24 hours prior to the arrival, failure to adhere would result in charges/fines.

• Change in consignee can warrant the issuance of Letter of Indemnity (LOI), both a renouncement and acceptance letter from consignees along with the applicable amendment fees.

Change in weights/piece count and seal numbers must be supported by Letter of Indemnity (LOI) from the responsible parties.

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