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Monthly Calls

CMA CGM South Turkey, the guaranteed expert for the transport of your cargo


CMA CGM South Turkey has branches in 3 main ports Mersin, Iskenderun, Antalya and also one sales office at Gaziantep. The CMA CGM Group offers 40 monthly calls through 8 Line Services connecting to South Turkey ports.

CMA CGM South Turkey commits you to provide perfect shipping solutions. Thanks to our direct calls with fixed weekly schedules and unique transit times, your customer can rely on The CMA CGM Group. Please check our product solutions which are going to be satisfied to your needs through our web site.

CMA CGM South Turkey also commits carry and deliver your perishable cargo in highest market value conditions. The CMA CGM Group high-tech equipments, reliable and fixed schedules makes us most preferred carrier in the region. Our dedicated reefer cargo staff desk is always ready to be part of this cold chain fervently.

commercial team

Commercial Team in South Turkey represent the Group by region

They are specialists for the related regions and ready to help customers for best solution.

Also with a strong and efficient intermodal team CMA CGM offers you solutions for every transport by truck or rail with optimal door-to-door / door-to-port / port-to-door combinations.

Worldwide coverage to all ports in the world

The CMA CGM Group offers 8 services , 40 monthly calls connecting South Turkey Ports to North Europe, Far East, Middle East and Indian Sub Continent with direct service and all over the World with best solution and transit time.

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The Middle East Gulf East Med (MEGEM)


provide direct service to Red Sea and Arabian Gulf and connection to Indian Ocean & East Africa. The service is the best connection between Jubail to the Mediterranean. Rotation: Jebel Ali-Hamad-Damman-Jubaıl-Jebel Ali-Jeddah-Port Said-Mersin-Piraeus-Izmit-Istanbul Ambarlı-Aliaga Izmir-Iskenderun-Damietta-Jeddah-Jebel Ali

The India-Middle East- East Mediternarean (INDIAMED)


service provide direct connection from Mersin to India and Pakistan. It also provide shorter transit time and flexible alllocation for Arabian Gulf and East Africa shipments via Jebel Ali Rotation: Hamad-Jubail-Jebel Ali-Mundra-Nhava Sheva-Colombo-Kıng Abdullah-Port Said-Mersin-Piraeus-Tekırdag-Istanbul Ambarlı-Mersin-Iskenderun-Kıng Abdullah-Salalah-Jebel Ali-Khalifa Port Abu Dhabi-Hamad

SSLMED Wemed Service 2 (WEMED)


linking Mersin and Iskenderun to strategic North Africa port Alger with direct call. Cma Cgm South Turkey is the only line having direct service to Lebanon Tripoli port with this service. It is also transhipment solution via Malta in all origin and destination countries. Rotatiton: Mersin-Iskenderun-Tripoli-Beirut-Damietta-Alexandria El Dekhelia-Malta-Alger-Malta-Mersin

NC Levant Express (NCLEVANT)


provide direct service between South Turkey and North Europe and it is also delivers a very quick solution from Mersin to West Africa ports with one transhipment. Rotation: Felixtowe-Antwerp-Hamburg-Malta-Alexandria El Dekhelia-Beirut-Mersin-Algeciras-Felixtowe

Turkey Libya Service (TULYB)


service provides direct connetion from Mersin to Libya El Khoms and Libya Misurata Ports. Rotation : Mersin-Aliaga-Gemlik-Izmıt-Istanbul-Misurata-El Khoms-Mersin

SSLMED East Med Express 1 (EMED)


service provides transhipment solution via Beirut to all origin and destinations countries from Antalya port Rotation : Beirut-Antalya-Beirut

SSLMED East Med Express 2 (EMED2)


service provides transhipment Solution via Beirut and Port Said East Rotation: Tripoli (LB), Lattakia-Beirut-Port Said East-Iskenderun-Tripoli(LB)

SSLMED Cross Med Service

SSLMED Cross Med Service

service provides direct connetion from/to Mersin and Iskenderun to Spain ports and it is also delivers a very quick solution from Mersin to West Africa ports with one transhipment. Rotatiton : Tanger Med-Algeciras-Valencia-Castellon-Barcelona-Genoa-Alexandria-Beirut-Lattakia-Iskendeurn-Mersin-Aliaga-Tanger Med

SSLMED Mediterranean Pendulum Service

SSLMED Mediterranean Pendulum Service

service provides direct connetion from/to Mersin to Italy ports and it also give direct service solution to Casablanca and Alexandria Old Port. Rotatiton : Salerno-La Spezia-Genoa-Algeciras-Casablanca-Lexioes-Setubal-Marseille-Genoa-La Spezia-Salerno-Piraeus-Mersin-Lattakia-Beirut-Alexandria-Salerno

SSLMED Adriatic Med Express service


SSLMED Adriatic Med Express service provide direct connection between Mersin&Iskenkerun and Adriatic Ports to Koper , Ravenna, Venice and Ancona.Rotation: Ancona-Venezia-Koper-Ravenna-Piraeus-Limassol-Alexandria El Dekhelia-Beirut-Mersin-Piraeus-Ancona

Dedicated Reefer Desk

With a dedicated reefer desk at Mersin Office and also with the right solutions/services, CMA CGM South Turkey is positioned as the specialized partner for any reefer cargoes that requires controlled atmosphere, temperature, or humidity. Pls contact with our reefer desk to learn more about direct services and best solutions for your perisable cargoes.

eCommerce, Online Services


Digitalization is essential to offer our new customers and differentiated products. This Co-working concept an additional step in the digital transformation of CMA CGM, aimed at continuously creating value for its customers.

To that effect, our eBusiness platform provides the following services:



Please contact our MaileCommerce team for any question or training for our eCommerce website.


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