Networking Intermediation Service.jpeg

As part of the Customer Centric strategy, the Group is introducing a new commercial networking solution that is unique on the market: Networking Intermediation Service.

This innovative and unprecedented solution enables the Group's customers to expand their business worldwide by creating new business opportunities.

The Group thus offers its customers:

• Find trusted partners;

• Diversify their customer/supplier portfolios;

• Enter new markets;

• Find alternative business opportunities;

• Reduce costs, time and effort related to international development;

• Find better quality products and better conditions.

A team at Head Office is dedicated to this exceptional service and identifies customers and business partners who meet this need. The team ensures that partners are reliable and trustworthy while meeting the eligibility criteria (date partner with the Group, compliance with the Code of Ethics, a positive history with the Group, a desire to develop the business). Simple and intuitive operation for customers:

• The customer informs the CMA CGM team of its commercial ambition;

• CMA CGM introduces them to potential new business partners;

• The two potential partners start negotiating to develop their business. Fees for the exporter only apply if an agreement is reached.

With the Networking Intermediation Service, the Group leverages its global position and presence, its unique relationship with buyers and sellers and its expertise in global trade.